Saturday, April 25, 2009

UB trolleybus company name is Tsakhilgaan teever

Office section

Culture and sports festival opening ceremony

Wrestlers our company

Tsakhilgaan teever company travelers in gobi

Near camels


This duobus JEA800F is developed by chinese mongolian engineering team

Importers from Kazakstan in salon of Duobus
Trolleybus #4-005, 4-006, 4-007, 4-010, 4-011

They are same assemblied on the body from Moskaw t-bus plant.

Trolleybus in assembling
Trolleybus electricity

After 2 weeks T-bus#4-005 is on public transport service in the UB city

Mongolian first private trolleybus JEA800T


Mongolian first private trolleybus JEA800T is made in Tsakilgaan teever company in January 9, 2008. Its owner is Enkhtuya Terbish. Shi was believe on this project developed by engineer Jamts Dash and invested.Project picture

Private t-bus in service openning ceremony
This t-bus is moderated on the chassis of the Hyundai Aerocity540 passenger bus.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The “Electric Transport” Company.

D. Jargalsaikhan, the General Director of the company. The Trolley Bus Company. He kindly agreed to meet me and talk about the future of the Tbus in Mongolia. Along side Jargalsaikhan is the Marketing Director, JAMTS Dash.

New Trolley Bus on the Wires.

Not a good shot but the first photo of the newly 4-003. The TBus was assembled from imported components shipped in from Russia and is currently running on route 6.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mongolia's New Trolley Buses/

At last, a half decent photograph of the first Mongolian built Trolley Bus. I say first because there are now two.

The latest new trolley bus, 4-002, is shorter than 4-001 the wheel base being the same, I think, but the overhang at the rear TBus being shorter. I will eventually get more technical details, promise. Other big differences are the pantograph cables are controlled from rear of the TBus by tensioners AND this one, 4-002, can run ‘off wire’. 4-002 took me by surprise the other day by overtaking me whilst the cable power was off. Around 6 older TBuses were parked up, stranded by the road side at the time. Not sure whether 4-001 can do that trick!!!

The touch I love is the ‘Made in Mongolia’ proudly displayed, in English, across the front of 4-002. Little 4-002 doesn’t look as ‘posh’ as bigger brother 4-001 but seems to incorporate more up-to-date technology. It IS a major achievement for these TBuses to be built in Mongolia never mind use new technology. Not many countries build vehicles and to do so with a population base of 2.4 million makes this achievement even more special. Respect.